To provide these capabilities Furnace assembles a number of components into an autonomous system.
Furnace CLI - Responsible for 'Igniting' Furnace, creating new stacks and many helpful commands to keep you productive.
Bootstrap Template - Provisions the minimal components you need to create an instance of Furnace. For AWS, this is a CloudFormation Template.
Stack Template - Provides a starting point for your stack with a set of configuration files, we provide a starter template and you can create your own.
Module Template - Boilerplate used to create your own modules.
Function Template - Wraps around a module for various platforms and languages.
Module Repository - Contains a library of prebuilt modules that can be added to a Stack. We provide a set of 'core' modules and you can create your own repository.
Stack Repository - The various configuration files and modules for a specific Stack.
State Repository - Since everything is stored in Git, each stack requires a State Repository to store current state of a Stack and Environment.
Deployment Service - Responsible for receiving deployment events (via git push or furnace promote), building artifacts and provisioning the associated infrastructure on the chosen platform.
Artifact Repository - Stores module artifacts together with hashes and versions them.
Log Repository - Contains various logs files created as part of the Deployment process.
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