Source - Defines the source of data, usually this is stream from Apache Kafka or AWS Kinesis but can be anything you define. We provide some standard sources out of the box.

Tap - Taps connect to a source. Their job is to parse and normalise data into a common format. A default set of Taps are provided and you can create new Taps by creating a module which maps to a serverless function.

Pipeline - Pipelines create a linear path for data to flow through a set of operations. Pipelines are connected to Taps and a Tap can feed multiple Pipelines.

Sink - A Sink is where your data arrives after it exits a Pipeline. A Sink could be a data lake or object storage. Multiple Pipelines can feed into a Sink and a Pipeline can feed into multiple Sinks.

Resource - Resources are used to initiate resources native to the environment in which Furnace is being deployed such as data stores (eg. Redshift on AWS)

Actions - Once data has been processed by your Pipelines, Actions make use of the structured data react and automate tasks in real-time.

Stack - A Stack is comprised of one or more end to end data flows into a logical container. A Stack can have multiple Environments (Dev, Staging, Production).

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