GCP Overview

For the following examples we will assume that the Furnace Instance has been called furninst and that the stack being deployed is called furnstak.

Ignite Resources

The following resources are created by the bootstrap process when running furnace ignite:

  • Storage Buckets

    • furninst-{region}-furnace-secrets-{uid} used to store encrypted secrets

    • furninst-{region}-furnace-artifacts-{uid} stores the stack functions/modules when a stack is deployed

    • furninst-{region}-furnace-bootstrap-{uid} stores the deployExec and deployTrigger function templates

  • Key Ring

    • Used to generate and store encryption keys {project name}-{instance name}-key-ring-{uid}

  • Keys

    • Secrets Key, used to encrypt the secrets stored in the secrets bucket {project name}-{instance name}-secrets-key-{uid}

    • State Key, used to encrypt the state file {project name}-{instance name}-state-key-{uid}

  • Cloud Function (furninst-deploy-trigger)

    • Used to process the webhook messages sent from Github

    • Uses an HTTP trigger

    • Sends output to a Topic furninst-deploy

  • Topic (furninst-deploy)

    • Recieves messages from the furninst-deploy-trigger function

  • Subscription (gcf-{stack name}-deploy-exec-{stack name}-deploy)

    • Used to receive messages from the deploy trigger Topic

  • Cloud Function (furninst-deploy-exec)

    • Triggered by messages on the furninst-deploy Topic

    • Creates a zip file of the stack repository and stores it in the artifacts bucket

    • Starts the Cloud Build process to deploy the stack

  • Cloud Build

    • Loads the deploy container

    • Grabs the stack zip from the artifacts bucket and builds the stack

Deployment Resources

Deployment resources will be dependant upon how you craft your stack, but typically the following will be deployed:

  • Sources

    • Deploys a Pub/Sub Topic with the naming convention {stack name}-{source name}-{environment} so if we deployed our example stack to dev with a source named source1 our Kinesis Stream would be called furnstak-source1-dev

  • Taps

    • Taps will be backed by a function/module, naming convention is {stack name}-{source name}-{environment} so if our tap was called tap1 we would get furnstak-tap1-dev

    • A tap will create an output Pub/Sub Topic as per the tap but with out appended to it ie. furnstak-tap1-dev-out

  • Pipelines

    • Pipelines will follow the same naming convention as Taps for both the Cloud Function and output Pub/Sub Topic.

Log Locations

Logs in GCP can be found in the Logs Viewer https://console.cloud.google.com/logs/viewer or on the logs tab for each resource. For deployments you will generally want to check Cloud Build -> History for the latest logs https://console.cloud.google.com/cloud-build/builds

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